Genie Costume

Release the magic of Halloween with this DIY Genie Costume. Tulle is used to create the illusion of smoke and our free Genie Lamp pattern is used to create a stuffed Genie Lamp. We chose to use McCall’s 7340 pattern to create a blue bodysuit, for the base of the costume. Add trims and beads as you desire to dress up the costume as you desire.


  • 3m white tulle
  • 1m elastic band
  • 0.5m gold foil fabric
  • 0.5m trim (used for hair accessories)
  • OPTIONAL: McCall’s 7340 and material
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins


1. Gather the short edge of your tulle, keep it folded so there are two layers.

2. Measure your waistband to your waist and cut to fit. Sew the gathered tulle to the edge of the elastic waistband.

3. ZigZag stitch the edge of your waistband together.

4. Place your waistband on a mannequin, model or yourself in front of a mirror. Start to create tufts of fabric, pinning in place. Create the shape of smoke coming from the Genie Lamp. Once you are happy with the shape tack in place with thread.

5. Trace and cut out the Genie Lamp from the gold foil

6. ZigZag stitch around the Genie Lamp leaving a small opening on the base of the lamp.

7. Stuff your Genie lamp with polyester fill

8. Hand stitch the bottom of the genie lamp closed.

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