Halloween Decor 2019

Halloween Decorations

Pull out the ghosts and skeletons and get to decorating your house for Halloween! There are so many quick and easy fabric tricks to decorate a table or no-carve pumpkin crafts to avoid a mess and still be festive. What’s your favourite decorating trick for Halloween?

Halloween Decorations

One of the quickest tricks is to use our printed foil organza as a table cloth. Get a couple of metres cut and throw it down on a table to be spooky and fun!

Avoid the clean-up with carving a pumpkin and jump to one of our DIY pumpkins. Ribbons, sequins and tulles make these pumpkins crafty and different. Play with some of our glitter tulle and add an extra sparkle to your decorations.

Halloween Decorations

Change up the cushion covers and add a Halloween Garland to finish the space. Use dyed cheesecloth and wrap around a pillow to create a mummy. Add eyes and a scar from felt. Or opt for a witch hat from felt and decorated with glitter ribbon!

Use ribbons to create your garland. You can cute and sew triangle banners from fabric for an added touch!

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