Holiday Quilt

Holiday quilt

Get in the holiday spirit with our DIY of the month, a holiday quilt! This piece has intricate details yet is simple and sweet. Download our free pattern and instructions to get started on this festive quilt!



  • We used the following from the Holiday Mixers collection
    1m Tinsel Tree Silver
    0.2m Holly Vine Red
    0.5m Starlight Green
    1.2 m Holly Vine Cream
  • We used the following from Basic Cottons
    scraps of brown (used for tree stumps)
    scraps of black (used for truck wheels)
    scraps of grey (used for truck bumper)
  • 1.2m of batting
  • Odif 505 spray
  • Thread
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Sewing Machine


  1. Cut out your pieces following the instructions provided. For the trees, you can keep them simple and follow the pattern or do half of the trees with pleats following the below directions.

2. Cut a rectangle longer the tree pattern and wider.

3. Create 1/2″ pleats. Press and pin in place.

4. Using your tree pattern cut the piece out of the pleats and baste edges in place.

5. You should have 10 trees in total.

6. Begin building your blocks starting with block 1, the trees. Layout your pieces following the diagram provided and sewing pieces A>B>C together, D>E>F together and then ABC to DEF. Repeat for all 10 of your trees.

7. Build your Block 2 by sewing part A>B>C together and D>E>F together. Sew ABC to DEF. Sew part G to part A-F. Sew part H to A-G. Sew part I>J. Attach A-H to IJ to complete the block.

8. Build your Block 3 by sewing all the parts in alphabetical order.

9. Sew Block 2 > Block 3. Sew Block 2 & 3 to Block 4 to complete the truck.

10. Build your strips following the instructions provided.

11. Layer and quilt as desired. We use Odif 505 spray to hold the batting in place. Bind as desired.

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