Swimsuit Cover-up

The Livia Scalloped Lace is bright, fun and perfect for making a swimsuit cover-up. This is a quick sew project that will have you ready for a day by the pool or a trip to the beach!

Swimsuit Cover-up Material


  • 2m of fabric (measure your arm length elbow to elbow and double)
  • 1 Corded Tassel for a front tie, 2 for slit ties.
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Cut your fabric in half so that you have 1 metre each.
  2. You will want to decide on the length of the cover-up. The picture is full length and the model is 5’8. Shorten from the top of both pictures to the desired length
  3. Grab one of the pieces and mark the middle at the top edge. Measure 3″ over from each side.
  4. Decide how deep you want your neckline and measure down from the centre. (We went down 6″)
  5. Contact your outer marks to your centre mark to create the neckline. Cut out.
  6. Place your front to your back, good to good, and stitch from outer edge to the neck edge. This will be your shoulder seam.
  7. You’ll now have a poncho. Slip this over your head and decide how snug you want it.
  8. Lay flat and measure 14″ up from the bottom and in the desired width and mark. (Depending on how much you shortened it this might need to be less)
  9. Measure 13″ down from the top and then in the desired width and mark.
  10. Stitch between these two marks
  11. Thread the corded tassels through the lace and pull to create some gathers, tie in a knot. Adjust as desired.
  12. You can also attach the corded tassels to the side slits.

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