Witch Costume


  • Vogue 1374
  • Crepe Back Satin – as per pattern
  • Premiere Lining – as per pattern
  • Zipper 22″
  • Medium Weight Felt – Black – 0.9m
  • Majestic Velvet – Black – 3m
  • Woven Edge Blanket Binding – Black – 3m
  • Satin Ribbon – 2″ Black – 3.5m
  • Boning – Black – 3m
  • Sew Spooktacular – Organza Foil – 1m
  • Beacon Stiffen Stuff – 1 Bottle
  • Odif 505- 1 Bottle
  • Sew Spooktacular – Spider Lace – 2m
  • Elan Clasp – 1 packet
  • 10 Gauge wire *purchased form hardware store

Free Pattern

Dress Assembly

  1. Follow the directions for Vogue 1374 to make your dress using the Crepe Back Satin and Premiere Lining.
  • This pattern is designed for knit fabric. We inserted a zipper into the side seam and cut 1 size larger to accommodate the lack of stretch.

Cape Assembly

  1. Separate (2) elan clasps. Hand sew (1) loop side to each shoulder of the dress. Making sure the loop is pointed to the back of the dress.

2. Trim the selvedge of 2m Sew Spooktacular – Spider Lace. Take either side of the top edge and pin to the dress shoulder.

3. Gather each side until the fabric drapes around the cowl.

4. Hand stitch (1) side onto (1) hook side of the elan clasps. Repeat for the 2nd side.

Trim train as needed.

Hat Assembly

1.Mark the center of medium weight felt. Use this to create an outline of a 34″ circle.

2. Measure your head circumference. Use the center mark to draw out the head circumference.

3. Cut out large circle. Cut out the head circumference 1″ in from the measurement

4. Use the felt circle as a template and cut out the same circles from velvet.

5. Following the instructions on the bottle, use Stiffen Stuff on the felt circle. Crumple the circle and use string to tie it together. Leave it to dry as per instructions.

6. Once dry untie the circle. Stitch boning around the outside edge to keep shape.

7. Use Odif 505 to attach velvet circles, wrong sides together, to stiffened felt circle. This is your brim.

8. Layout remaining velvet right sides together

9. Draw a line half the circumference of the head measurement, this is line “A”. Mark the middle of this measurement and measure up 29″ from there and mark, this is line “B”.

10. Draw out 3″ from either side of line A.

11. Draw from the end of the top line to line B, curving downwards to meet the end.

12. Draw from the end of the bottom line to line B, curving upwards to meet the end.

13. Cut out both layers of this point pattern. Stitch up either side and turn right side out.

14. Following the instructions on the bottle, use Stiffen Stuff on the point. Crumple the point and use string to tie it together. Leave to dry as per instructions.

15. Turn point right side out. Hot glue boning from the base to the point to create a nice curve.

16. Snip around the inner circle of the brim. Pin the point base right side to right side of the snipped circle. Stitch around to join hat.

17. Using the 2″ ribbon, create binding and bind around the brim.

18. Spread 1m of Sew Spooktacular – Organza Foil out. Starting from the middle of the fabric, use a hand needle to gather the full width of the fabric.

19. Repeat this 5″ and 10″ out from the middle gather.

20. Hot glue the tulle around the band, making the tails meet at the back seam of the base.

21. Unfold the blanket binding and press flat.

22. Tie blanket binding into a bow. Trim ends into points.

23. Hot glue to the back of the hat, where the tulle tails overlap.


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