Outdoor Cushion

Create an outdoor over-sized cushion to lounge outside! Great for so many places and easy to personalize with our wide range of outdoor fabrics. Not to mention the dogs will be all over it!


  • 3m outdoor fabric
  • 4lbs of polyfill
  • home decor thread
  • 12 – 18mm covered buttons
  • home decor needles


  1. Cut out a circle with a 54” diameter from your outdoor fabric. An easy way to do this is to mark a middle point in your fabric and measure out 27” from it and go around until you have a full circle. You can fold your fabric in half and draw out a half circle to speed up the process also.

2. Lay your cut out circle on top of the remaining fabric and cut around to create a second circle.

3. Place right sides together and sew around with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a 6” opening to turn right side out.

4. Notch all the way around the seam and turn right side out through the opening.

5. Stuff with polyfill.

6. Topstitch the opening closed.

7. To create your covered buttons you will need to cut small squares of fabric large enough to cover your button. Using a needle and thread run a basting stitch around your square. Place your button face down on the wrong side of the fabric and pull your basting stitch to gather the fabric around the button. Secure your basting stitch with a knot, trim any excess fabric. Place the back of the button on top and press to secure. Repeat with the remaining buttons.

8. Starting with the centre of your cushion, thread a home decor needle and secure a button to the top of the cushion and one to the back. Pull tight enough to create an indent in your cushion.

9. Take 5 of the buttons and place them around the outer circle of the cushion. Using the same above method add your remaining buttons around the cushion.


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