Oh Baby! The little ones are possibly the most fun to sew for! Burda makes it even easier with these adorable patterns. We have a great selection of fabrics right now to dress up your little ones for summer.

The Sea View Quiltland Cotton collection is a breath of salty water air! It encompasses a Canadian beach beautifully with the rolling waves, lighthouses and the frequent flying sea birds. The bright blues are refreshing and the subtle pinks and peaches pull this collection together perfectly. Whether it is a summer table runner or a quilt for the beach cabin, this collection will meet your vision.

There have been some videos floating around the web of quick ways to take in the waist of your jeans. We put these quick-fix tricks to the test for you!

Option 1

Option 1 uses a thick thread (we used embroidery thread) to take the back waistband in. The result is very similar to that of a dart. We found this option left the back very bulky and was quite noticeable. Solutions to this would be to trim the fabric once you are happy with the way it looks, to reduce the bulk.

Option 2

Option 2 requires you to open the inside of the waistband and insert an elastic to cinch the waistband. Be careful to only seam rip the inside of the waistband! Measure the elastic to approximately how much you want it to be taken in and stitch it down. This option did help with a gappy waistband and it did fit closer to the body.


New in store are some trendy appliques. Embellish your backpacks, jackets, or reusable tote bags.

Use a sequin rainbow to add some shine, sparkle with a mermaid, or put your foot down with this cute flamingo.
Glow in the dark aliens, skulls and stars add a funky touch to any outfit.

With the bitterly cold winter we have experienced it’s time to brighten up your patio! The Carnivale Outdoor fabric collection is bright, fun and everything your backyard is missing! Whether you are re-upholstering old patio cushions or adding fun pillows to your space, this collection is for you.

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